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Bret Harte Little League


Bret Harte Little League (BHLL) is a non-profit organization. This means that every single dollar received from registration, bonds and fundraisers goes directly to the league and the community. 

Bret Harte Little League is run by a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors are NOT paid employees, we are 100% volunteer. Many of the board members dedicate hundreds of hours per year to help operate and maintain the BHLL.

Registration fees do not cover the entire cost for a player to participate in Little League Baseball.  Our Snack Shack, Sponsors and Fundraising helps to keep the cost of registration down. Included with registration are things like uniforms, field use fees, team equipment, insurance, etc.  Non-Uniform clothing, personal baseball equipment and some team related fees are not covered.  

Frequently Asked Questions:
1) How much does it cost to play in Bret Harte Little League?
Starting with the 2024 season, registration fees are set at $125 per player across all division levels.  However, we do offer a $25 "Early Bird" discount for players that are registered prior to December 1st. 

2) Where does the registration fee go?
The registration fees are used to cover the costs of field use fees, player uniforms, team equipment (including balls, bats, helmets, catcher's gear, practice equipment), coach and umpire training, insurance, volunteer background checks, Little League charter fees and facilities maintenance at the Frog Town baseball fields in addition to general fields maintenance.

3) Is there a limit on the number of players that can register?

Kind of.  In an effort to ensure that all players get fair and sufficient playing time the BHLL board of directors has adopted a maximum team size of 13 players.  This means that we will fill every team we can with up to 13 players.  In the event that there are more players than teams that can be filled, the BHLL board will evaluate if the extra players can play on a team at a division higher or lower based on their age.  The BHLL board will inform the families of the affected players and allow them to make the choice for whether or not the player moves to a different division. 

Proof of Residency Requirements

In order to be eligible to play for the Bret Harte Little League (BHLL), players must provide three (3) proofs of residency OR, school enrollment showing that the player attends school within the boundaries of the BHLL. The easiest way to do this is by providing a completed school enrollment form. This single document satisfies the proof of residency requirements. Alternatively, you can provide multiple documents as listed below to satisfy the proof of residency requirements.

Non-school enrollment proof of residency requires three documents (one (1) from each group below). Three (3) documents from the same Group constitute only ONE (1) document. Documents containing a full residence which includes parent(s) or court-appointed guardian name, street address, city, state and zip code, dated or in force between February 1 of the previous year and February 1 of the current year.

Residency and School Attendance Eligibility Checklist

Link here for Detailed residency information 

  • Drivers license
  • Vehicle records
    (e.g. registration, lease,etc)
  • Employment records
  • Insurance documents
  • Welfare/child care records
  • Federal records(e.g. federal tax, social security, etc)
  • State records
  • Support payment records
  • Home or tenant records
  • Military
  • Voter's registration
  • Utility bills
  • Medical records
  • Internet, cable, or satellite records

Most families use a driver’s license for Group One, a homeowners or rental record for Group Two, and a utility bill for Group Three as their proofs of residency.  This will vary by family, and you can review the document above to make sure you have everything.  WE URGE PARENTS TO KEEP REGISTRATION DOCUMENTS throughout the season in case your player is chosen to play on an All-Star team post season as these documents will need to be reviewed and certified by our district administrators before they are eligible to play on an All-Star team.  BHLL does not retain copies of your proof of residency for longer than 6 months so you may be requested to provide them again if your player is chosen for a post season tournament team.