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Bret Harte Little League



The 2021 spring baseball registration will be conducted entirely online. 

 Before registering, please check to ensure that your residence is within the boundaries of Bret Harte Little League using the League FinderOr your player attends School (Hazel Fisher, Avery Middle, Albert Michelson, Mark Twain, Copperopolis or CFLC) within the Bret Harte Little League Boundaries. Enter the School address to determine if it resides within Bret Harte Little League. NOTE: ( This excludes home schools, cyber schools, sports-related schools, sports academies, preschools, or after school where a student participates outside of the primary school the player is enrolled. ) You can complete the School Enrollment form.

 Proof of residency requires three documents. Three documents from the same Group constitute only ONE document. Documents containing a full residence which includes parent(s) or court-appointed guardian name, street address, city, state and zip code, dated or in force between February 1 of the previous year and February 1 of the current year.
Link here for Detailed residency information  
  • Drivers license
  • Vehicle records
    (e.g. registration, lease,etc)
  • Employment records
  • Insurance documents
  • Welfare/child care records
  • Federal records(e.g. federal tax, social security, etc)
  • State records
  • Support payment records
  • Home or tenant records
  • Military
  • Voter's registration
  • Utility bills
  • Medical records
  • Internet, cable, or satellite records

Most families use a driver’s license for Group One, a homeowners or rental record for Group Two, and a utility bill for Group Three as their proofs of residency.  This will vary by family, and you can review the document above to make sure you have everything.  WE URGE PARENTS TO KEEP REGISTRATION DOCUMENTS throughout the season in case your player is chosen to play on an All-Star team post season as these documents will need to be reviewed and certified by our district administrators before they are eligible to play on an All-Star team.

Registration will end prior to Player Assessment. After online registration concludes no player registrations will be accepted but player will be put on a waiting list.