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Bret Harte Little League

We anticipate questions regarding the Volunteer Fee that we charge as part of registration.  To help answer these questions we've created the following FAQ section.  If you still have a question please feel free to email us at [email protected] and we'll be glad to help!

What is the Pre-Volunteer Fee?

The volunteer fee was instituted prior to the 2024 season as a way to offset costs that the organization incurs by having to pay individuals to perform tasks and buy materials that historically were handled by volunteers.  We are aware that everyone's time is valuable, so if a family chooses to not volunteer to help the organization, the volunteer fee is considered their contribution.

How much is the Pre-Volunteer Fee?

A $50 per family volunteer fee will be assessed each season during registration.  The maximum annual volunteer fee will be $50 per family.  For those who have children registered for Bret Harte Little League, $50 will be added to your registration total at the time of checkout.

How do I earn my Pre-Volunteer Fee back?

Families can earn their volunteer fee back by filling volunteer jobs during the season.  Each family must fulfill 3 hours’ worth of volunteer duties, specific to Bret Harte Little League. During the season we will have a variety of opportunities for you to volunteer.  Aside from being a board member, manager or, coach a team, examples of some additional volunteer duties that you can perform include:

  • Participating on field clean-up days
  • Concession stand duty
  • Umpiring
  • Field prep and cleanup on game days
  • Admissions and parking for the Frog Jump
  • Fundraisers
  • Score keeping and pitch counting for minors, majors and junior’s teams


Performing any of these tasks for 3 hours satisfies your volunteer commitment.  If any parent is approved to manage a team, coach, or participate(s) on the BHLL board, the volunteer fee will automatically be earned back during the first week of March.  All other volunteers will be credited back the month following their volunteer service.  Your volunteer service must be verified by a coach or board member prior to a refund being issued.

I signed up for a volunteer role during registration, so why am I'm still being charged?

By selecting a volunteer activity during registration you are just indicating your interest in performing a volunteer activity.  For this reason everyone is charged the $50 Volunteer Fee upfront.  By signing up during registration it allows the organization to notify you of volunteer opportunities specific to what you are interested in.  Ultimately, you must complete the volunteer activity to get the fee refunded.

I didn't sign up for a volunteer role during registration, is it too late?

It is never too late to volunteer!  You can check available volunteer opportunities, register for field clean-up days (if any remain) and register for concession stand duty at anytime by clicking the "Volunteer" link under the Registration tab on the webpage. All volunteer duties that involve being around players will require submission and approval of a volunteer background check first.

I completed my volunteer task, how do I get my $50 back?

Upon completion and verification that your volunteer activity was complete, you will be added to our credit list.  Monthly during the season (April-July), we will issue a refund check or account credit.

Please note, you may request a refund of your Volunteer Fee by check at any time by contacting us at [email protected].