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Bret Harte Little League

Bret Harte Little League is run 100% by Volunteers, and is an organization designed to build good citizens. It is a program of leadership, preparing today's youth to be tomorrow's leaders. We rely on a devoted team of parent volunteers to help ensure that our organization runs smoothly.  Bret Harte Little League is always looking for responsible and enthusiastic individuals to support and coordinate Little League events and activities. As a volunteer, you should have an interest in the safety of our kids, their well-being, and overall development as both children and players.


Here are a few ways you can help......................



Being a manager or coach requires time, patience, and basic knowledge of the game of baseball. In addition to holding practices for your team, you will be required to occasionally attend meetings and instructional sessions to ensure that you are up to date with all necessary league information. You must communicate with your players parents/guardians to inform them of any schedule changes, rainouts, and Little League events and activities.

As a Manager or Coach, you have more interaction with the players than anyone else in the league. Therefore, it is important that you understand the goals and virtues of our Little League program in order to effectively communicate them to your players. To gain a better understanding of what those goals and virtues are, you can visit the Little League International or contact our Coaching Coordinator at [email protected].



Our league is required to maintain the Frogtown fields.  As a part of the filed maintenance crew, your skills and abilities are used to help line the fields, rake dirt, mow grass, and execute minor repairs on fences, irrigation and structures etc. 

We have 2 scheduled "Field Clean-up Days" each season.  These work days are extremely important as they allow us to provide a clean, well kept playing environment for your child.  All families and players are strongly encouraged to participate in our "Field Clean-Up Days".  Its helps to teach players how to properly care for the fields and is a great community service event!  The more hands we have, the lighter the work load is for everyone.

Please watch for emails and posts on our Facebook page for the current seasons scheduled days.  You can also check the league calendar posted our our website.  Please reach out to our Field Maintenance Manager to see how you can help ([email protected])!



Umpires are always needed!  While umpires are scheduled prior to games, field umpires are often determined minutes before the game begins.  As you arrive at your child's game, your coach or the home plate umpire may ask you to be the field umpire. When you agree, your main responsibilities are to call plays on the bases, determine if balls are fair or foul, and assist the home plate umpire with other calls.  Please reach out to our leagues Umpire-in-Chief at [email protected] for more information on how you can help!



The Snack Bar is a critical source of funding for the league. It helps to offset player registration fees, provides equipment, field maintenance supplies, tools, end of season tournament awards, and much more.

While Managers work hard to create snack bar schedules for parents and guardians to work home game shifts, this is something where some families struggle to assist.  It is extremely helpful to have a list of backup volunteers who can fill these spots when needed.    

Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at [email protected] for more information.


A list of current board members can be found on our "About Us page", under "Board of Directors".  Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at [email protected] if you have an interest in volunteering for one of these positions.