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Bret Harte Little League


       The Minor Division of Little League Baseball (ages 6-11) is one of the most important steps in the Little League career for players and parents. The Minor Division encompasses varying levels of developmental play, and Little League strongly encourages adapting play through the use of coach pitch or machine pitch, shortening games, and increasing practice opportunities, to provide young baseball players a fun, active experience.

     With this in mind, Bret Harte Little League will focus on the development of fundamental skills and continued learning the fun of the game. The board will encourage uniformity in applying the methods, techniques and skills development for each program. And seeks to ensure that all find an opportunity is provided. 

Machine Pitch (age 6-8)

Machine Pitch is for players who are age 6-8 and have played at least one year of Tee Ball.  It will continue the focus on the fundamental skills of baseball.

Minors (Player Pitch) (age 9-11)

Minors (Player Pitch) is determined by age and experience but generally players are 9-11 years old.  Tournament opportunities for players in this division are available but an emphasis on developing fundamental skills and fun of the game are skill a main focus.  Player evaluations are also required at this level of play.